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Sandra Loubert

Dear Molly:
I found your site and you have beautiful pictures!
I am looking for watercolor journals, (sewn) and not moleskine.
Can you direct me; having trouble finding good paper (arches ect.) in non-spiral format.

Alexis Gallegos

Hi Molly!

I saw your work in Seward Park, and heard about the classes you will be hosting at Daniel Smith. I would love some more information! Thank you for your beautiful work!

Alexis Gallegos

Molly Hashimoto

Hi Alexis,
Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the exhibit. The class is on April 5 from 11 to 4:30pm at Seattle's Daniel Smith is a very intensive and short introduction to the methods I used in those will be alot of fun! Please email me if you need more information.

Linda McGinnis

Hi Molly,
I'd like to send you my photo of the covered girls you asked me about at Il Choistro, but I have no email address for you. If you'll respond, I'll mail it.
Linda McGinnis

Anton Bradburn

Dear Molly,

I read your account of painting the vaulted ceiling in Naumburg Cathedral yesterday after following a link from Wikipedia while researching the use of the grisaille technique applied as an underpainting in watercolour. I am an enthusiastic amateur botanical artists and use grisaille as a way of separting value and pure colour. What struck me most forcibly was our close similarity of approach. The only real point of difference between our ways of working is that I have abandoned the use of washes in favour of a dry brush technique. Thank you for comfirming my belief that colour and value can be separated successfully as demonstrated by your Naumburg painting. I have recently started a blog to tell anyone, who might be interested, about my approach to painting botanical subjects.

Molly Hashimoto

Hi Anton,
Thank you for your comment--I have seen the grisaille method used in botanical art--I think the the only possible risk in this method is having your grisaille mixture dissolve when you re-wet it with the overpainting. Using staining, non- granular pigments will minimize that. But in your drybrush method, that would not be a risk. I would like to read your blog and see your art. Can you share the address with me?

Judy Fessenden

Hi Molly,

I would like to purchase a print but am having no success clicking on the link to email you. If you would please email me we can follow up.
Thanks much.

Jane Crawford

Are you interested in doing a watercolor program at the Mukilteo Library in 2017? If so, please contact me. Thank you.

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